The Christmas Station Privacy Policy

Our service has been created with privacy in mind. We collect and share the bare minimum amount of information needed to deliver the music to you.
This policy applies to all of The Christmas Station's activities, specifically including our internet radio broadcast, website (, and correspondence by email.
Note that if you listen to our stream through a page or client other than ours, you are also subject to that client's privacy policy.
For the purposes of this policy, "personal information" is defined as any information from or about a specific individual, whether anonymous or not.

What steps have you taken to protect my privacy?

What data is collected, why do you collect it, and who do you share it with?

Type of Data Collected Basis for Collection Shared With Privacy Policy of Processor
Technical information, such as your IP address, user agent, and other HTTP headers, are collected automatically. If you have third-party connections disabled on your browser, this will be proxied through our server, preventing your IP and user agent from being shared with We need this data to provide the radio stream and website to you. (stream hosting provider)
Your listening activity (such as when you listened and for how long) is collected automatically. We are required to know this. (stream hosting provider)
Aggregated, non-identifiable statistics are derived from the listening activity above. No personal information is contained. Public N/A
Email correspondence data is collected when you email us. You send this to us voluntarily. Google (email hosting provider)

What are my rights? Where can I contact you?

You are granted all relevant rights under applicable privacy laws such as the GDPR or CCPA.
Contact if you have questions or would like to exercise your rights.

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